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“Nursing is a way of life, not just a job”

Alessandra is 29 years old and works on a child neuropsychiatry ward. She has been a nurse for 6 years.“We all feel part of a huge team where our egos take a back seat. The patient is always our sole main focus.”

Team spirit and focus on the patient also motivated her to lend her support to her colleagues during the Covid-19 emergency with the same passion and love for her profession, initially demonstrated when she decided to embark on her course of studies, and subsequently on her career as a nurse.

She is used to working in a mask and conveying her professionalism by her tone of voice and her eyes to comfort and reassure her patients, regardless of the reason they have been admitted to hospital. Sometimes it is only a gesture, a word spoken at the right time or a smile hidden behind the mask which nonetheless reaches the eyes that speaks volumes.

To Alessandra, nursing is not merely her profession. Because as she herself says, “Nursing is a way of life, not just a job”.


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