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“Infermieri, a viso aperto” (TN. Nurses unveiled) is an awareness-raising campaign focussing on the nursing profession. The campaigns aims at highlighting the human aspects, the empathy and kindness of those helping millions of people throughout our country every day: professionals rather than heroes. Realized and promoted by Chiesi Group, and with the free patronage of  FNOPI, the National Federation for Orders of Nursing Professions, “Infermieri, a viso aperto” is a collection of pictures by the professional photographer Settimio Benedusi and stories about those who convey a sense of both reassurance and determination with a look and a smile from behind their mask every day. “Photography is meaningful if it achieves something, if it is useful. It is a means of exploring the world”, explains Settimio Benedusi. The aim of the campaign “Infermieri, a viso aperto” is precisely: to reveal the hidden face of those who are always ready to embrace and take on challenges every day. An unmasked face.

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