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“A nurse is an all-round professional”

Dario is 35 years old and has been a nurse on the palliative care ward for the terminally ill for the past 10 years. He loves his profession, yet whilst the expression on his face is one of decisiveness and determination, it also tells you that you can always count on him whenever you need help.

“A nurse’s story is a long one made up of experiences, studying and achievements. Nurses are not just assistants; they don’t form part of the undergrowth. A nurse is an all-round professional.” These are the words Dario uses to distance himself from a misconception he believes still widely exists and which – whilst representing nursing as a useful function – often views the profession as merely providing assistance.

During the Covid-19 emergency, nurses have often been depicted as heroes, a word which Dario prefers not to use because he believes it is entirely different from what he and his fellow nurses deal with every day when supporting patients and their families. They sometimes feel impotent. Because nurses are not omnipotent heroes. They are people who help other people.


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