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Nurse and teacher.

Francesco is 54 years old and a former IT specialist. He was one of the first nurses to teach information technology on a degree course in nursing sciences. He places special emphasis on the importance of the human factor. “Students, always remember you are dealing with people and not nuts and bolts. Every patient is different, even if the treatments and protocols are identical”.

He has been working in clinical practice for about three years, mainly in anaesthetics. A delicate role especially from the human perspective, because he is the last person the patient sees before they go under and his face is the first they will see on waking up:“It is often the patient’s first time in an operating theatre and they feel alienated, surrounded by staff dressed in surgical gowns and in a cold unwelcoming environment. I only have a few minutes to reassure them and gain a sense of their personal story before the anaesthetic takes effect”. There are those who open up and express their fears, and others who put on a brave face to hide their concerns. “Lowering emotional defences is essential if we are to be able to make patients understand we are there for them”.

Francesco is a profoundly reassuring man who is passionate about the work he does. He teaches how to do this job and is well aware that it’s not about being a hero, nor does he view it as a mission. “For us it means a continuous programme aimed at training, educating and informing, to provide a professional qualification. We are neither little doctors, nor those assisting the great doctors. Ours is an independent profession. And we are professionals”.


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