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“Always there for our patients with a smile”

Cheerful, sunny and empathic. Three adjectives that aptly describe Paolo: a 53-year-old nurse who has worked on various wards, and is currently stationed in rehabilitation.

An amazingly positive person in an environment where the ability to inspire courage in those who at times feel disheartened and at the same time serve as a source of strength are fundamental. Aside from carrying out the daily duties involved in his work, it is his personality that makes him someone who is able to give more to his patients: he talks to them and provides them with emotional support as well as rehabilitation. He asks them if they have all the little things that make them feel more at home: their favourite sweets, a photo, their glasses. Small gestures that go a long way to ensuring patients feel looked after even when their immediate family cannot be with them.

For Paolo this is what his profession is all about. A profession fuelled by studying, passion, courage and human kindness. Because nurses are always there for patients, one person there for another person, without forgetting their professionalism.


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