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“A nurse who keeps up-to-date”

Simone is 31 and works in a nursing home where he looks after around 60 patients. In a position such as this, nurses represent a link to the outside world more than ever, especially with relatives. Simone’s is just one of the many different figures working alongside the nursing profession. Perhaps it is one of those most undervalued in the eyes of the public, yet it is one of the most delicate and important roles where both empathy and experience are key.

Simone is a young man whose sunny nature and enthusiasm are evident. He does his job with the authenticity of someone who knows they are needed by their patients and are at times totally indispensable. The pandemic has merely highlighted some of the problems Simone was already having to deal with on a daily basis working in close contact with extremely fragile patients.

But for Simone the role of the nurse is obviously not only that of reassuring and empathising with patients. He loves his work and is aware that completing the studies and training required to qualify as a nurse is no simple task, as it is a continuous process involving constant updates. But naturally Simone knows that his job is no ordinary one: “We don’t only work in nursing. We are nurses”.


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