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“The keyword is listening”

Laura is 34 years and her work simultaneously combines various roles: nursing care and palliative care in the home, nursing homes, family support, care for minors. Laura is in charge of gathering questions and requests: listening is key to understanding people and their needs, looking closely at each individual case. “What we do goes beyond simply providing a service at any given moment – we also supply tools that can help them over the years to come. Sometimes they feel lost, they aren’t aware of the options open to them”.

Laura’s ability to listen is something she has had to learn over the years, yet for her it is extremely important to know how to communicate effectively with people:““My daily work often involves interacting with the elderly, with people who are often uncomfortable using today’s new technology. But I don’t allow this to stop me. I may even need to talk in dialect so as to break the ice and try to overcome a moment of awkwardness”.

Nurses frequently work independently in the local area and Laura believes this is where they demonstrate their professionalism and competences. “Competences are what makes the difference and today there is a need to inform people about the nursing training programme.”


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