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“The relationship is what counts”

Fiore is 46 years old and coordinator at a nursing home where she takes care of people with Alzheimer’s. The ability to listen is vital. This obviously means listening to patients, but especially to their families. “This exchange also involves building relations. For each patient and each family, we need to find a way to ensure that a patient’s experiences, memories and past are never forgotten”.

As well as listening it involves a lot of work: ““We organise a number of team meetings that sometimes only concern an individual patient, so that we can get a clear picture of their story”. It is also essential for nurses to liaise with one another to add new perspectives to theory.

Fiore knows that being there for people and representing a point of reference is fundamental for patients and their families, yet she also recognises the need to continue training and keep up to date with this evolving profession, so as to constantly improve on one’s professional skills. She herself has taken a series of refresher courses over the years, although it has always been her experience “on the job” that has had the biggest impact on her professionally speaking: “We don’t only take care of patients from a clinical point of view, we build relationships with them where the emphasis is on the human aspect. It’s a really stimulating aspect of the job for me and it makes me proud when I manage to find a personal way of communicating with each of my patients”.


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