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“Planting a seed that grows into a tree, providing shade for people I will never know”

Bruno is 55 years old and works as a nurse at the Accident & Emergency Department. As a boy he was a member of a scout group and went on to become a scout leader. He also worked as a volunteer for the ambulance service for 15 years. Bruno has loved music since the age of 7, and studied piano and guitar.

When he turned 24, Bruno was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy: “It was like a punch in the stomach, yet I didn’t give up. My life had to go on anyway”. This was Bruno’s initial reaction, from someone who has dedicated their lives to others since he was a teenager.

Muscular dystrophy is a neurodegenerative disease which year after year has resulted in a progressive worsening of some of his motor functions. “When I was taken on at the hospital where I work, I wasn’t experiencing any kind of physical impairment that might have interfered with my professional activities. My symptoms gradually began to get worse but my determination, desire to help and above all my professionalism have remained unchanged. Nurses have often been described – particularly in recent times – as heroes: we are not heroes, we are professionals who fight to continue working despite his illness despite thousand difficulties, for example finding oneself confined to a wheelchair. But this doesn’t stop me from doing my job every day and making my own significant contribution. Being a professional nurse enables me to help others”.

One scout motto which is particularly meaningful to Bruno says: ““The noblest thing I can do is plant a seed that grows into a tree providing shade for people I will never know!”. This proverb is precisely Bruno’s philosophy on life – every day he reports for work at the Accident and Emergency department to offer his services and “provide shade” for those in need.


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