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“My goal is to help others”

Celine is 36 years old and works as a nurse in the operating theatre. After leaving her home country Burundi at the age of 9, she grew up here in Italy and decided to stay on and find a job. Celine began working when she was 25 and becoming a nurse had always been what she wanted to do: “Helping others always seemed the only thing that was right for me”.

Celine’s kind yet determined nature shines through when she receives her patients, who often feel disoriented or sometimes frightened as they go into the operating theatre. It is there that Celine meets them and uses the short time she has to put them at ease with a few words of support and understanding, something which helps people find the strength to cope with the fears or concerns about their operation. Although her smile is hidden behind her mask, it reaches her eyes as she reassures her patients, at times the only way a nurse is able to communicate.

Following years of study and hard work, Celine’s professional approach and her ability to instantly create a rapport with patients is fundamental when she is waiting with them in the operating theatre: “People often feel frightened and alone at times like this, and it is our job to try to be their family in some way”.


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