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“I’m a street nurse”

Paolo is 48 and has been a nurse for almost thirty years. He has spent his life doing something that is more than just a job for him. At the age of eighteen and almost by chance, he decided to enrol in nursing. He soon found out that he was suited to working with the emergency services. Firstly, for the A & E department, then the ambulance service and the emergency service centre.

Paolo is grumpy and unsociable, a true “street nurse”, as he likes to call himself. But he loves his job and also wants to convey his passion to those who are discovering the nursing profession for the first time.

He has a number of interests: Paolo loves photography, cats and Sardinia.
“I think the key is to have lots of different interests as they are a great way to take your mind off things in your free time. But my biggest passion is my work: I am proud to be a nurse. I am neither hero nor angel, as we are sometimes referred to. I am a professional and I dedicate my skills, professionalism and drive to a job I love. To continue being there for those in need”.


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