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“Always focussing on the patient”

Ivan is 30 years old and a young nurse. A fan of winter sports and photography for many years, he decided to become a volunteer for the Italian Red Cross in 2005. Through this association he began to take courses in First Aid and received training.

In 2008, when Ivan started providing assistance for the ambulance service, he “discovered” the nursing profession thanks to some nurses who conveyed their interest in science and their passion for assisting patients from all perspectives. His initial position then developed into trying to meet patients’ mental, psychological and family needs in addition to providing physical assistance.

It was then that he decided on his future path due to his interest in the field of emergency services and provision of first aid. Right from the start, he began working in more specialised sectors such as hyperbaric medicine, the operating theatre as an anaesthetic nurse and the intensive & emergency services (ambulance). He then decided to integrate his training with a Master’s in Critical Area Nursing, qualifying as a specialist nurse. His love for the profession and his dedication to others form an essential part of his philosophy of being a nurse: “To me, it means working as a professional to contribute as part of a multidisciplinary team to taking care of a patient. It also means making available all of the most recent developments provided by science, by applying advanced manoeuvres and working on the basis of rationale supported by literature to provide the most accurate and appropriate indications for a person’s needs. Our central focus on patients is an essential aspect of our work”. People, not numbers. This is what Ivan firmly believes – a nurse who is constantly evolving.


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