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“Every day, I realise how important our role is”

Pellegrino is 33 years old and has been a nurse since 2011. As he himself likes to explain, his decision to make this career move was driven by a desire to try and contribute to safeguarding the health of the people around him and those he will meet along the way. Pellegrino is a shift nurse operating within a Dialysis and Transplant Unit, mainly dealing with emergencies.

“My job is demanding – says Pellegrino – when a transplant organ becomes available, I know that a patient’s life can change forever. I see how important this profession is every day, and I know that so many nurses do all they can to help and support patients and their families”.

Pellegrino adores his job and thinks it has sometimes been undervalued. Pellegrino believes it has been possible to go on thanks to the sacrifices made by nurses over the years, yet today perhaps,“…the misconception surrounding our profession has been refuted and everyone has realised how vital our function is to the healthcare sector”.

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